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4 Great Reasons to Wear Sunglasses in Winter

Sunglasses have always been a must-have item for the well-dressed fashionista. They make the perfect dual-purpose accessory for keeping the hair back when indoors and are available at the blink of an eye when stepping out into the midday sun in summer. But, why should we still wear sunglasses in winter? Here are 4 great reasons from Edinburgh opticians, Gibson & Syme.

UV light is still a danger in winter

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun can badly damage your eyes. Prolonged exposure can also lead to cataracts and macular degeneration along with premature ageing and wrinkles around the eyes. Don’t assume that just because it’s winter UV rays are less harmful. In fact, glare from icy road surfaces and snow can cause lasting damage. This makes sunglasses just as essential as a snow shovel in winter conditions.

Glare from the sun

The sun is lower in the sky in winter and driving around town can be hazardous when you can’t see the road properly because of glare. According to the AA, glare is responsible for over 3,000 road accidents and 36 deaths a year. Rush hour is one of the main times of day when most road accidents occur in early winter as the sun is just beginning to set around that time. Sunglasses or prescription lenses such as Zeiss Drive Safe will help you stay safe behind the wheel.

Headaches and eye strain

In bright conditions, our pupils constrict to reduce the amount of light hitting the retina at the back of the eye. Unfortunately, when we hit a bright patch of glare unexpectedly, our pupils can’t constrict quickly enough to cope which leads to constant squinting and, ultimately, eye strain. Sunglasses, or photochromic lenses in your prescription glasses can be a major ally in fighting eye strain in winter.

Winter wind and debris can damage eyes

If you’ve ever walked over Edinburgh’s North Bridge in winter on a blustery day you may know what it feels like to have your face ‘sandblasted’ with debris whipped up by the wind. Dust and other minute particles can get trapped in your eyes reducing the natural moisture and can even dry out contact lenses. Sunglasses, particularly close-fitting wraparound styles, such as those manufactured by Oakley will help reduce issues arising from windblown debris.

Gibson & Syme – Your Edinburgh Designer Sunglasses Specialist

To find out more about the right kind of sunglasses or prescription lenses for winter conditions, contact Edinburgh eye care specialist, Gibson & Syme on 0131 553 9000.


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