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Essilor X-Series Varifocals

Essilor’s new groundbreaking X-series varifocal lenses are now available from Gibson & Syme, Edinburgh. Read on to find out why they’re the perfect lens for modern living.

Our world is within arm’s reach

We live our lives differently today. Thirty-years ago there were no smartphones; home computers were reserved for the wealthy and we watched movies on the cinema screen or on our TV. Our world was at a distance and the only thing we read up close was a good book or a magazine – an activity reserved for only certain times of the day.

Thanks to modern technology our world is now in the palm of our hand. We can book a holiday using our smartphone and catch a glimpse of where we’re going on Google maps – even take a virtual walk along the street from the town centre to our villa, to plan our route in advance. We move constantly between coffee cup and smartphone or tablet. We order cabs from our phone screen, watch sport on our tablet and flit to a keyboard to complete that business report. Everything we need is immediately around us and within arm’s reach. If you wear spectacles, this means making multiple head movements; pointing your nose to the object in question so you can see it clearly - not anymore.

X-Series – the most advanced varifocals yet

Essilor’s new X series varifocal lenses are the most advanced yet. The groundbreaking new design not only enhances your near, mid and long-range vision – it also allows you to use your peripheral vision with virtually no head movement. This delivers the widest field of vision yet and is perfect for the way we live our lives today.

X-Tend technology

Essilor’s new varifocal lenses use X-Tend technology to create a wider field of vision than ever before. You can read more about the X-Series by watching the video below.

Essilor’s 60-day guarantee

If you’re looking for new varifocal lenses for your existing frames or would like to upgrade your eyewear, think about investing in Essilor X-Series lenses from Gibson & Syme (formerly Spectacles Direct), Edinburgh. Essilor also offers a 60-day money back guarantee if not completely satisfied. Contact Gibson & Syme, Opticians in Edinburgh, on 0131 553 9000 to make an appointment or browse the collection to find the perfect eyewear for you.

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